All testimonials are used with the permission of the Carriers.

"Our company has been dealing with Backload Moving Company for many years and we have been very pleased with the high level of service they offer and also with their web site.

Backload has always dealt with us on a very professional and friendly manner and the service that has been offered recently where the office realises that we are putting a run together in one particular area, and they advise us of new listings in that area or put a spread sheet together to advise us of other listings have been particularly helpful.

Communications from Backload is always courteous and prompt.

We have found their web site user friendly and easy to read. It is well set out and has many useful options that offer shortcuts, although at a recent meeting I was able to point out some areas that could be improved and I look forward to seeing some changes in the future.

Backload is a company that originally found a niche in the market and filled it very well and while other companies have popped up and caused some competition Backload Moving has risen to challenge and has provided a much higher level of service and commitment to their carriers as a result of this.

We would be happy to provide any further information should it be required."

"For two years now i have been tapping into the Back Load Moving company's website sourcing loads from places across Aotearoa in our line of work. Although we are not a fulltime furniture removal company we have vehicles that run empty inter-island. Now because of the superb service and creative ideas of a few the BLMC have supported me from my credit application, my carriers registration and my first attemtp to utilise the website. I watched management change and the same communication levels have remained inmpressive. I am grateful to all the team at the BLMC for allowing me to be part of their independent carriers ora ra.."

"We have used the Backload Moving Company for many years now and have often recommended them to other carriers and potential removal clients.

I have found the Backload Moving Company an excellent source of additional removal work when we have a truck with unused space. The web site is efficient and easy to use and they are very helpful for both the listed client and carrier alike, even referring jobs not normally handled by them, ie short distance local jobs."

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