Q: How do I pay for your service?
A: Our service to you is free of charge.

Q: Do we pay Backload Moving Company for our move, or the carrier that actually does the job?
A: Once you have chosen a carrier, you deal directly with them and pay them just as you would normally. Most expect C.O.D.

Q: How far in advance should I list my move?
A: We find the ideal timeframe to find a backload is 2-3 weeks before the desired moving date, but you can list up to six weeks before and as soon as one week before.

Q: How long will it take for someone to contact me?
A: This varies on circumstances, but usually depends on how far in advance of your move you have listed with us. You can expect to receive enquiries from furniture moving companies immediately, right up to the expiry date of your move. For this reason it is important to let us know when you no longer require further quotes.

Q: At what point should I confirm a booking?
A: Generally about two weeks in advance, unless you have listed at shorter notice. Otherwise once you have received two or three quotes, you should have enough information on which to make a decision.

Q: Do you use reputable companies?
A: All moving companies on our network have to meet minimum standards set by Backload Moving Company, but we cannot take any responsibility for the quality of the services provided by any carrier. However we welcome your comments on any of the companies on our network.

Q: What do you define as a "full house lot"?
A: Generally we define "small" as being a one bedroom unit or apartment, or between 10-15 cubic metres in volume, "medium" - a two to basic three bedroom home, 15-30 cu.m, "large" - a 3 or 4 bedroom plus office or family room, 30-50 cu.m in volume, and “very large” - a 5 bedroom home or larger, 50 cu.m plus. If you think you have less than 10 cubic metres then please list the items in the ‘Special Instructions’ field.

Q: What about insurance?
A: The Carriage of Goods Act may give you a level of protection against Carrier's Liability, however you will need to check with the Carrier as to their particular terms and conditions of carriage so that you can decide whether you require additional insurance for your move. Read more at: http://www.consumeraffairs.govt.nz/consumerinfo/carriageofgoods.html.
However if you have particularly valuable items such as antiques or musical instruments, or a large load, we strongly recommend Transit Insurance.

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"Last week, just as we were reaching desperation point while trying to arrange a move from Christchurch to Wellington, I contacted Backload Moving Co. They was so helpful and referred me on to one of their carriers. What a great carrier! Courteous, smiling and SUCH GREAT SERVICE!! He picked up all grandson's belongings and furniture, delivered it quickly to Wellington and all at a good reasonable price. He kept in contact with us throughout regarding pickup and delivery and took away all the stress we'd been under. We would recommend him and his moving company to everyone who wants service the way it used to be. Thank you so much!" Suzanna

"Many thanks for your service. I believe it has saved me about 50% in costs compared with what I would have paid." John