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We see you have chosen the same region for both your start and end locations for the move. Are you sure the locations are more than 100km as we only list moves greater than 100km.

Preferred Contacts: (these details are only viewable by carriers)

This is where you can give us any extra information which will help the moving companies, such as : 'approx. size of house'; ‘need to be out by midday’; ‘driveway access is steep’; ‘need storage for x months’; ‘have labour to assist with load/unload’ etc.

Once you click the "List my Move" button our website will send you an email with the details you entered. It will also contain a "Listing Number" that is unique to your listing. Please keep this e-mail as a way to stay in touch with us and organise any changes to your listing. No logins, passwords etc to remember - simply reply to our e-mail as it will have your listing number in the subject line for you. The confirmation page after you click the "List my Move" button will also show you a copy of the email sent which you may wish to print off if you wish. If the confirmation email does not turn up in your Inbox, don't forget to check the "Spam" folder. E-mail us if you have any difficulty.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, we assure you that your details will be kept completely confidential, only used between ourselves and our approved carriers, and that they will not in any way be passed on to any other person.


Moving will always leave your contents exposed to a higher risk of damage.

We strongly recommend you arrange insurance for all moves.

You should ask the carrier what insurance they carry as well as what insurance they can offer you for your move.

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Q: How do I pay for your service?
A: Our service to you is free of charge.

Q: Do we pay Backload Moving Company for our move, or the carrier that actually does the job?
A: Once you have chosen a carrier, you deal directly with them and pay them just as you would normally. Most expect C.O.D.

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Carriage of Goods Act
Find out about the Carriage of Goods Act and how much protection it offers you.

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"I am very happy with you carriers' service and thank you very much for your website. I have forwarded the website address to my employer to provide to other staff who might need relocation services. And I will continue to provide your website to others I might meet. Thanks again for the great service" Jo

"I have moved and must say thank you for all your assistance as without you it wouldn't have been achieved. The carrier I ended were very efficient and made the moving process easy. I can't thank you enough for all your efforts." Chase

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